A Shot at Shibori

A Shot at Shibori

There is something to "doing it yourself", hence the DIY movement. You read the directions, you look into materials, and see that it's not so hard. Hey, I can do that! I find myself doing this a lot lately. It's great - I'm able to investigate something that interests me, do it, have fun, and inevitably realize I don't have time for this shit. 

But, now I know. 

Shibori dyeing was really cool, I must say. The dye is natural, easy to access (I recommend buying the kit for rookies), and for the most part it's pretty straight forward. Most of the research was in looking into the different designs and how to create them in the process. 

My favorite link was from the blog Honestly WTF - they laid it all out in an easy to read, picture rich post. Also, when in doubt, hit Pinterest. 

In the process I'm showing, I bought white denim fabric because I was using it to upholster a chair. This is THICK fabric and these little clothes pins didn't work out in the end to hold off the dye. It was a hard lesson. 

I'm going to show you the process, however, because you can use whatever fabric you'd like and maybe you're smarter than me. First, I gave the fabric an accordion fold.

Next, I pinned it up:

So, what I WANTED was to end up with a beautiful, repurposed accent chair like this:

But, I ended up with something I'm too embarrassed to show. Therefore, I'm going to show some tee shirts and fabric that ended up okay when I was just messing around. 

So, I guess the lesson is to have fun with it, because now I have too many tee shirts to sleep in and I used the fabric for some pillow shams that you may see at the Hotel Luna Mystica. 

And that ain't bad!