Hotel Luna Mystica - A Sneak Peek At Progress

Hotel Luna Mystica - A Sneak Peek At Progress

The break this April was to make some necessary improvements on our end, but also to focus on a super exciting new business that will open this June during Music on the Mesa. Hotel Luna Mystica is a vintage trailer hotel and starlight campground next to Taos Mesa Brewing, and we have been super lucky to be able to join the team and make some of these trailers look rad for their guests with our interior design ideas. 

HLM has come a long way without even opening yet. First, they decided to re-brand with a new name and logo, followed by a new color scheme. 

Our original design was in line with the vision of the brand, but we wanted to give it an updated, cleaner, and linear look. Jordan Roberts from Hierarchy SF was able to encapsulate our ideas and made the leap from El Mystico to Hotel Luna Mystica for us. He also gave us a perfectly natural color family to work with. At first we had our black/white/turquoise/purple scheme, but we merged into something that resonates with the mesa a bit more:

These colors are coming together amazingly well on the website (full site launching soon) - take a peek to see all the elements together! 

We've had the most fun with the design of the trailers, which is really evolving. Each trailer comes to us with an inherited soul, which we aim to keep. 

Here is the original kitchen of the Spartan Mansion, which we've named Jazzy. We wanted to keep the clean white feel, while adding some modern, clean touches. 

We added subway tile with black grout as the backsplash, removed the stove (which we would not be able to use) to add more counter space, installed butcher block, and hired a better photographer. Just kidding, Tristan. 

Here is the living space of the same trailer. Again, we liked the clean look, but we needed durable upholstery and more colors to give it a pop. 

We changed the cushions to a dark buffalo vinyl, created southwest style / serape accent pillows, threw in a line of traditional tile, and had this custom chevron table made. We brought warmth and a Taos edge to Jazzy without removing her soul, which is the end goal with all our trailers. 

Here is our Spartan, which you may have seen parked at Taos Mesa Brewing. We did a lot of the same renovations to the aesthetics of the interior: new upholstery, fresh linen curtains, a custom made live edge table, Shibori dyed pillows, and we cut down the large bar table to create a more open feel. What a difference. 

This is just two of MANY that will be available to rent soon. Follow our Instagram (@hotellunamystica) and check out the website to keep updated, and of course Wanderer will keep you in the loop too!