Summertime Inspirations

Summertime Inspirations

Beach reads, Aperol spritzes, maxi skirts, and some damn good music is all we need this summer. 

What's the inspiration behind what we buy? Every piece is chosen carefully with a vision behind the woman wearing it. This season we picked pieces that can be worn on the Paseo or the Riviera, in The Coffee Apothecary or Cafe de Flore. The idea was that whether you're a Taos Woman or a Wanderer (or both, like us!) then you can have closet or bag packed with perfect, timeless pieces. 


So what else do we pack in our bags? First, a good book. The Wanderer Book Club has begun! We are going to start sharing our favorite reads with our Wanderers monthly. We're starting off with a classic and a contemporary, yet both set in the sixties. 

As many of you know, Truman Capote's In Cold Blood is an in-depth study of the life and murder of the Clutter family in 1956 rural Kansas. So much emotion is brought into the lives of each character, bouncing from the point of view of the family, the killers, and the investigation. The book was a huge sensation then, as it was a different approach to journalism, and none of that is lost when reading it today. 

Sharon Solwitz' new novel, Once, in Lourdes, reminds us of the power of teenage friendships, especially when one's own family doesn't cut it. Taken place in 1968 over the span of two weeks, we look into the lives of four lost teens in a strifling time, watching the Vietnam war and their own troublesome personal lives unfold before their eyes. A suicide pact bonds them, and what they uncover about themselves through their relationships is the telling of their outcome. 


Ok, let's lighten it up a little. What are we drinking? We often mention our love of rosé, but we like to switch it up a bit for our favorite Italian aperitif. And guess what? It's EASY.

3 Parts Prosecco

1 Part Aperol

1 Splash Soda

1 Orange or Grapefruit Slice to Garnish

Still want rosé? Good news. Bon Appetite just informed us the Rosé-Aperol Spritz is the Drink of Summer. 

 What are we pairing with these light, tart drinks? Being from San Francisco, we are total seafood lovers. We don't get too much of that in Taos, so our go-to is cured goodies. Sardines, anchovies, and smoked trout make delightful salad toppings and appetizers. 


We have your mind and bellies covered, and now let's give your ears something to listen to. We love making playlists. In fact, we build our playlists over a long period of time, adding things that strike our fancy to the list as we carry on with our day or our drive. 

The Black Moon is our latest, featuring new Sylvan Esso, Alt-J Grizzly Bear, and some not so new songs from Kurt Vile and Joshua James. 


But what are we wearing?? Hey, that's our favorite question. 

The Plunging Neck Mini, Button Me Maxi, and Forever Summer Skirt are our absolute musts right now. These are total morning savers - throw it on with sandals or heels, gold hoops or all your vintage turquoise rings. These pieces are ready for whatever you're up to this summer. 


If you follow our Instagram, which you definitely should, you can tell we have a few muses. 

Ariana Sage Bradley is our girl on the West Coast, bringing Wanderer some California scenery to our styles. We love it, since we are from the Bay Area and we will be wandering back there soon for a quick trip!

Grace Askew loves Taos, and we love her. When she came to perform at her third Music on the Mesa this year all the way from Memphis, we teamed up for an adventurous photoshoot with photographer Riley Russill, which you can view here. 


We have a few events coming up that you won't want to miss if you're in the Santa Fe and Telluride areas. 

First up, Bloody Maria Fiesta will be pouring off at Cities of Gold Casino next weekend (July 15 & 16) with other vendors, food trucks, a car show, and live music. Get your tickets here! 

The following weekend we will head north to the Telluride Yoga Festival, where tons of other vendors will be attending so you can shop all things yoga and post-yoga. This festival is fully packed with events, workshops, and live music. Don't miss this one! 

Join at one of these events or at home with an Aperol Spritz, relaxing away because after all, it's summer.