Wanderer's Inspiration: Sofia Coppola

Wanderer's Inspiration: Sofia Coppola

We've been inspired by Sofia Coppola since her first directorial debut, The Virgin Suicides. She captured a haunted world of trapped teenagers in the seventies with style, music, and mood so well, we became instant fans. Her new film, The Beguiled, is also based on a novel, but by Thomas Cullinan set in the Civil War South. 

We are so tempted to see the film before we read the book because we know Sophia will capture the gothic nature of the story with her stellar cast. So, this month Wanderer reads The Beguiled, a tale of a forgotten school for girls who host a lost Union soldier, whom all become infatuated with and eventually reveal sides of their nature that one would never assume exists. 

We can see a little bit of Sofia in our latest styles and shoots, with grainy, dark scenes mixed with feminine florals. 

Guess what else we love about Sofia?

As the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, how can you not have a sparkling rosé made in your name? Back in our California days, we would frequent the Coppola Winery in the summers and sip this perfect afternoon beverage. Perhaps this is where our love of rosé began?

We're fans of her films, her wine, her style, and her influence on the rest of the art world. It's inspiring to see a woman, born into an advantageous position or not, take hold of her talent with such grace. Cheers to you, Sophia.