Wandering Marrakech

Wandering Marrakech

Last Christmas, my family discussed all the places we'd like to visit at the dinner table. We each had to say what our number one was, and mine was Marrakech. I admit I don't know much about it, except a bit of the Moroccan flavor profiles and architectural designs. However, I'd peered through travel magazines, Instagram profiles, and heard enough good things to spark my interest at its highest. 

The first thing I noticed was the scents of the city. It's a pungent mixture of tanneries, rich spices blends, and charcoal that punch you in the face as you walk through the windy, narrow, and overwhelming Médina. 

It's a lot at first. Everyone wants you to look at what they are selling, and not everyone is happy you don't want to buy it. And there is A LOT to see. Rugs, blankets, leather shoes, purses, dried herbs, argan oil, teas, jewelry, baskets, dried lizards...

I found a handful of things to bring to Wanderer (scarves, mats, tassels) and some teas and spices for myself. I always like to bring back a few culinary items so I can cook an authentic meal from where I've been for my friends when I return. I gained some inspiration from the meals I had, like Moroccan gazpacho and chickpea salad. My favorite was tagine chicken with preserved lemon and olives. I admittedly struggled with the lack of alcohol in the Muslim country, but thankfully my riad sold me a bottle. 

I stayed in two different riads, both incredible. The first is a rare find: a traditional riad in the heart of the médina, and previously part of the Marrakech Museum. The host, Veronique, is a wonderful French woman who has owned the place for 15 years. I could not be more happy with the comfortable room, home cooked meals, and rooftop where I ate breakfast on in the mornings and took naps in the afternoons on. 

(Click here to see the space.) 

I was completely taken by the amount of rugs and poufs for sale in the souks. I was able to watch them be made, and bargain my way down to some incredible prices. 

Stop by the shop to grab some goods we took back with us, including clutches and scarves! 

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