Why We Wander

Why We Wander

One of the most asked questions for us is "Why Wanderer?" Our answer is that it's simply what we've always loved to do, that we carry a strong sense of wanderlust with us wherever we are. 

I believe it is our wandering that gives us the inspiration we need to design spaces, order the right product, and frankly, to keep our zest for life alive. Getting away is a luxury, sure, but it's essential for us. We are able to bring back new product (or product inspiration), meet new vendors, grasp new senses of design and color, and live up to our name. 

Our last adventure was to Puerto Rico, where we traveled to the surf town of Rincon, the remote island of Vieques, and colorful city of Old San Juan. This trip made us excited about bright colors, beachy maxi dresses, sandals that are easy as flip flops but much more stylish, and things to wear on warm nights all summer long. 

Summer styles are trickling into Wanderer each week, including Stillwater and Camp! Click here to see the new looks, and keep watch as we develop and expand (announcement coming soon!) our wandering horizons.