Holy Smokes Herbal Smoke Blends

Montaña Blend:The herbal equivalent to the “menthol” cigarette, this blend cools the throat like a mountain breeze, while balanced by the grounded, earthy tones of the mullein and yerba santa. Pronounced "moan-tahn-ya", Montaña translates to “mountain” and is inspired by the scents and colors of our local Santa Barbara mountains. Contains: peppermint + mullein leaf & flower + yerba santa
Dreamtime:Our soothing blend that relaxes the body and mind, while enhancing dream time. With catnip and damiana at its base, this blend is a denser smoke that inspires introspection with tones of magic. Aiding in sleep, the mugwort in this blend allows for deeper dives into dream time. We wild-craft the mugwort in our local southern California foothills with our own hands! Contains: catnip + mugwort + damiana
*one tube contains seven hand rolled smokes.our smokes are rolled with rice paper + sealed with sugar gum + biodegradable cotton filters.one bag contains half an ounce of loose leaf herb -perfect for those who enjoy the ritual of rolling their own smokes


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