La Abeja Herbs

Redwood Elixir:The medicine of this tree has a profound ability to heal long-held and inherited grief, particularly as it relates to loss of home, loss of place, loss of way of life. It is a valuable remedy for connecting with one's own ancestral roots as well as finding communion and harmony with the Spirits of the Land where one lives.This Elixir is made from an alchemical combination of the green Spring tips of old-growthCalifornia Redwoods [Sequoia sempervirens],the essence of six truly special quartz crystals,rich amber wildflower honey,and the patience of many Moons spent infusing.
El Corazon:El Corazón brings together a quartet of perfectly balanced plant medicines which each speak to a different facet of healing necessary for life and vitality to return once more to this most essential part of the Self. Formulated withRosePetals to fill you with the utter sweetness of Life and of Love;HawthornBerries and Thorns to guide and fortify your Heart as it claims its unique and precious gifts;MimosaBlossom and Bark to invoke the exhilarating, pure, and sensual joy of simply Being; and finally, the Root ofDevil's Clubto nourish and strengthen the boundaries which create a safe container in with to continue to heal, grow, and ultimately thrive.

Saint John's Wort Blessing Balm:Saint John's Wort is a traditional herb of divine protection. For centuries it has been used to counteract all manner of negativity + darkness—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Carefully formulated with warming anti-inflammatory essential oils, this salve helps to soothe muscle, nerve, and joint pain. Applied regularly, it aids in relieving arthritic complaints, brings circulation to areas of the body lacking vitality, and eases the discomfort of swollen, bruised, or tender tissues. Use this magical balm to bless + anoint yourselfand those you love.Apply liberally to affected area up to four times daily.
The Lovers Oil:Allow the intoxicating + ethereal notes of Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Cedar, and Coriander to transport you to a place of deep surrender + bring you closely in touch with your heart's truest expression + deepest desire. To bring moisture + tone to your skin, anoint your entire body with care after showering or add a generous dash to a hot bath.Use this potently seductive oil solo or with the one you love. For external application only.
Star Water:Use this Star Water to invoke radiant self confidence, a palpable sense of levity, and the motivation to walk with yourself through trying times. Helpful for feelings of overwhlem, anxiety, self-criticism, and generalized lethargy. A cosmic formula of plants and stones come together in this spritzer to imbue you with fortitude, flexibility, an unwavering belief in your own goodness, and the ability to overcome adversity. Remember Star Stuff, you came here to do big and beautiful things and the world needs the gifts thatonlyyoucan bring to it. Spritz yourself or your space anytime of day for a burst of effervescent energy, renewed optimism, and a cosmic reminder of why you're here.Made with // Rosewater, Essential Oils Of Geranium and Fennel,
Essences Of Spanish Broom, Elm, Larch, Crab Apple, Hornbeam,


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